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Queensland Cardiology
Blood Pressure 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

How is it done?

A cuff similar to a blood pressure cuff you would see in your doctor’s office is placed on the non-dominant arm.
A long tube is connected from the cuff to a monitor about the size of an old cassette walkman. This monitor is placed on a belt around your waist.
The tubing is placed underneath the clothing so that clothing can be easily removed and replaced.
When the cuff is inflating it is important to keep that arm still and relaxed for the duration of the measurement which usually takes around 30sec to 1min. This rule can be ignored if you are driving.

A diary will be given to write down the times any blood pressure medications are taken and to document any exercise performed during the recording period.

Inflation protocol

  • The cuff will automatically inflate every 30min from 6am to 10am.

  • Between 10am-1pm the cuff will automatically inflate every 15min.

  • Then from 1pm till 10pm it will automatically inflate every 30 min again.

  • From 10pm till 6am it will inflate every hour.

What to wear

Wear loose fitting clothing if you are to have a 24 hour monitor as the cuff inflates on the arm.
If you have your own belt to wear please bring that to your appointment along with your referral and a list of medications you take.
The monitor and cuff cannot get wet at all.

Please bring along your referral to the appointment.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at:

Queensland Cardiology
Holy Spirit Northside Hospital
Suite 18, Level 3
Ph (07) 38615522

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