What is a Cardioversion?

Elective cardioversion is usually performed for arrhythmias of the heart such as atrial fibrillation or flutter. Using sedation under the supervision of an anaethetist, one of our Cardiologists gives your heart an electrical shock to restore normal heart rhythm

How do I prepare for it?

You should fast for 6 hours prior to the procedure and take your usual medications as directed by your specialist. You will be admitted to the hospital as a day patient.

How is it done?

The procedure is performed in a private procedural room in the cardiac catherisation department of the hospital. An anesthetist administers intravenous sedation and once you are asleep the defibrillator is charged and the shock is delivered.

It may be combined with transoesophageal echocardiogram before the shock is administered (see transoesophageal echocardiogram).


After the procedure

You may feel slightly drowsy after the procedure. You will usually be allowed to leave the hospital 3 hours after the procedure and will need someone responsible to take you home.

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